Senior Software Engineer (JAVA Full-stack developer)

Job Qualifications:
• 3 to 5 years of software development experience
• Excellent command of written and spoken English
• Familiarity with an objected oriented programming language. The candidate must be able to discuss, converse, and defend different point-of-views within the chosen language
• Comfortable in Java, Java EE concepts, Spring/CDI, Hibernate/JPA, EJB2/3, JMS; and can prove her/his expertise by coding tasks.
• Good understanding of SQL and database. The candidate must be able to discuss the advantages/ disadvantages of the database as well as quirks specific to the chosen database
• Familiar with Maven, Source control, Sonarqube and other development tools

F. Preferred Skills:
• Incredible coding skills – the candidate is way above average programmer, and can demonstrate this skill through successful string of prior projects
• Prior experience with web libraries such as AngularJS, BackboneJS
• Experience with modern web UI development - AJAX, HTML, CSS and Javascript applications
• Familiar with Unix environment understands unix concepts such as user privileges, processes, and editors
• Ability to converse and discuss different designs and architectures for his/her familiar development environment
• Familiarity with NoSQL databases, rapid web development frameworks and source controls
• Start-up experience is a plus

G. Qualifications:
• Bachelor of Engineering (B.E / B.Tech) in Computer Science or equivalent from a reputed college with good grades
• Developed code available publicly – github, bitbucket (If not, the candidate will be asked to develop a code prior to interviews)
• Computer Science fundamentals in object-oriented design, data structures, algorithm design, and problem-solving

• Open for Female candidates
• Bangalore based only
• Preferred from product development Company
Job Description:
• Design, develop and implement new features for our business customers and end users
• Develop new online sales channels for our many different solutions
• Develop products to support diverse computing devices – many different desktop computers, mobile devices
• Optimize the current product to scale as well as support other company solutions
• Work closely with product quality assurance team, and other product teams within the company
Type of Employment:
Contact Period:
Year of experience:
3-5 yrs 
Salary Range:
Negotiable - INR 
Extra Benefit:
ADI Client 
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